Second round of the Semester of Code

As announced in November last year, we are now running a second round of the Semester of Code, in order to broaden student participation.  The second round features all projects who did not receive or accept a proposal in the first round, plus a few additional projects who have signed up in the interim.

The new instance of our Virtual Placement System can be found at  The original instance is still in place for projects accepted in the first round.

Student sign-ups are now open, with the sign-up period running until the 13th of March and the project work taking place until the 1st of July, or as agreed between the student, mentor and supervisor.

If you are a student wishing to participate in the Semester of Code as part of your degree course, speak to your supervisor and have them contact with grial[at]  Details on using the Virtual Placement System can be found in the [User Guide].

If you have any questions or issues regarding the Semester of Code that you would like to discuss with the VALS team, please sign up for the [Semester of Code mailing list]